Beaglebone dies when accessing GPMC repeatedly

Asked by 8 months ago
Greetings everyone, I have an issue where my beaglebone's heartbeat LED stop blinking and I am unable to do anything with it after the bug has happened. The issue happens within a couple of seconds when running at 720 MHz. *Here is a trivial C program that triggers the bug every time it is run at 720 MHz:* Surprisingly, running the very same program at 600 MHz does not seem to trigger the bug. Another surprise is that changing "writeval" on line 55 for "writeval 0xFF" seems to prevent the bug from happening. I am really puzzled by this issue. Any help is appreciated! Other info: I am powering the beaglebone with a power adapter. I have reproduced the issue on all beaglebones I have tried it on (5). The GPMC is configured to be available at address 0x1000000.

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Answer by 8 months ago
I dont know why you will be ok when @600MHz but for my previous experience , for a resolved register read, you can NOT use continuous 4k size map . map_base = mmap(0, MAP_SIZE, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE, MAP_SHARED, fd, (target + 0x1000000) ~MAP_MASK); 2013/12/17 upwardindex [ at ]
Answer by 8 months ago
Is it too big? What can I use?
Answer by 8 months ago
I have done additional tests with the beaglebone connected to the other device. The beaglebone dies 10 times out of 10 when not connected to the external board. The beaglebone dies 0 times out of 10 when connected to the external board.