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Asked by 5 mins ago
I'm using actors to perform single tasks.

Asked by 11 mins ago
mainly to pick up new java-apns version (1.0.0.Beta4), which contains fixes around 'content-available' and Karel's remove of spring dependencies. The staging repo is here: https:/.

Asked by 6 hours ago
Hi, I am using gradle to build an akka application. All the dependencies are in the lib folder. There is a startup script which lies in the bin folder. I am using akka-clustering which internally depends on akka-remote which depends on netty.
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Asked by 45 mins ago
I have the following test code: import{Props, Actor, ActorSystem} object TestString { def main(args: Array[String]) { implicit val context = ActorSystem("TestString") val doTest = context.

Asked by 22 mins ago
Hi, I recently found this: looks pretty nice! I wonder if we should be using / leveraging that demo w/ our SP quickstart:.

Asked by 3 hours ago
Hi team, based on [1] I thought about our release timelines until 1.0.0.Final, and shortly after. 1.0.0.Beta2 : 07/Aug/14 This needs to include Keycloak-beta4, and migh.

Asked by 8 hours ago
I am getting the error from subject when running the below code in Websphere in my RAD. It is very interesting that this code doesn't cause any error in Server. The server runs up Tomcat 6 but I must set the same code to run in Websphere.

Asked by 11 hours ago
Does Netbeans support generating JPA metamodel classes?.

Asked by 11 hours ago
Dear java packagers, I am looking for a sponsor for package "jython". Package source code can be accessed at pkg-java svn repository: svn:// This version adds OSGi metadata into jython.
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Asked by 12 hours ago
I currently have a Struts2 application deployed on Tomcat7 and I am looking to add some dashboard portlet functionality.

Asked by 13 hours ago
We are currently in the process of writing ES CQRS system using akka persistence. Lately one of the aspects of the akka persistence architecture became hotly debated topic of ou.

Asked by 14 hours ago
Hi, I am interesting in having eclipse-pydev in Debian for jessie. I see that someone is intented to package it:
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Asked by 14 hours ago
Hi All! I hope you've seen our post on [1]. Please vote, and it would be very helpful if you could help spreading the news as well:

Asked by 15 hours ago
Hi, I decided to start a new thread after some discussions we had on a previous thread[1] Basically, we are talking about this part of the dashboard : [image: screenshot-1.png - .

Asked by 16 hours ago
Tomcat 7 Is there a way via a Java servlet to get the number of tomcat connections? Thanks, Lance Campbell Software Architect Web Services at Public Affairs 217-333-0382 [Univers.

Asked by 16 hours ago
I know that the load order of context settings is $CATALINA_BASE/conf/context.xml $CATALINA_BASE/conf/[enginename]/[hostname]/[app].xml *Cloud-based performance monitoring* * .

Asked by 17 hours ago
I'm using an Excel file containing a decision table, and have code that generates the rules file from this Excel file. I only want to have this happen when the Excel file is actually changed.

Asked by 18 hours ago
Hello, For anyone interested in IntelliJ-Forge integration progress, it is now possible to test the pre-release version of the plugin. To install the plugin, go to IntelliJ Setti.

Asked by 19 hours ago
I currently am working with C++ code that uses tabs. I did not like the default spacing within Netbeans so I changed the spacing in the options menu. For both C++ and Header files, I currently changed and have 2 for the Indent Size, Tab Size, and Statement Fields.

Asked by 20 hours ago
Hi Dears, I create a ModuleW which is a wrapper for an external jar and another ModuleB.