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Asked by 2 hours ago
Hi, I am new to java akka model. For your information, i have a java akka program running in eclipse. Unfortunately, i cannot run the sample program.
All 2 answers, by Akka Team, C.waishiang

Asked by 2 hours ago
Hi, I need to know the Drools capacity to execute the rules. I need to know how many rules it can execute at a time and with how many facts. I need to know the memory stats.

Asked by 2 hours ago
Hi guys, Recently, I have successfully implemented drools project with dynamic domain attributes(using declare facts type in drl) and dynamic rules(using drl rule string) which allows the users to easily add and change the domain classes and rules from GUI.

Asked by 3 hours ago
Hello. I'm testing event processing in Drools, and after some basic tests, I have some questions about event life cycle management.

Asked by 4 hours ago
If I've got a persistence store using one particular persistence plugin and I want to change to another, what would I have to do? I can see I could run a utility program that open.
All 1 answers, by Konrad 'ktoso' Malawski

Asked by 10 hours ago
Hi guys: Something that would be useful is a side effecting combinator. For example, like doOnEach from RxJava. This would be particularly useful in the actor world to insert an actor tell into the flow.

Asked by 15 hours ago
Dear friends, First of all, apologies if this is not the best place to ask for help. From my understanding, it looks like an issue from NetBeans rather than CAL10N. Let me explain.
All 2 answers, by Milos Kleint, Rafael Nagure

Asked by 16 hours ago
I am trying to deploy the kie-drools-wb on Tomcat7, but I keep getting these errors. SEVERE: Error listenerStart Jul 23, 2014 10:03:26 AM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.

Asked by 18 hours ago
I'm having trouble getting a JNDI entry setup for my attempt to migrate some older JBoss 5.1.

Asked by 18 hours ago
#forge Meeting Meeting started by gegastaldi at 14:47:52 UTC (full logs). Meeting summary Agenda (gegastaldi, 14:48:43) JBDS status (lincolnthree, 14:53:19) https://issues.jboss.

Asked by 19 hours ago
Another milestone towards the Hibernate Search 5 release! -- Sanne.

Asked by 20 hours ago
I'm receiving this error whenever I attempt to launch JavaFX Scene Builder. It was working a couple of weeks ago but no longer . I'm running the latest NB's on a Windows 7 Professional OS .

Asked by 20 hours ago
Hi, with the upcoming UPS 1.0.0.Beta1 release, I'd also like to have a release for both quickstarts: * *

Asked by 2 days ago
Hi all, I'm getting weird errors when I copy a project from one laptop to another. Both have Netbeans 8, and JDK8. I've got the Java ME plugin installed also.

Asked by 1 day ago
Dear Apache Team, I am SIVA, currently working as a Senior Software Engineer and i have a requirement to use Struts 2.x framework for new modules in the existing web application which is currently running on Struts 1.
All 1 answers, by Christoph Nenning

Asked by 1 day ago
Hi, Is there a way to change socket options such as send receive buffers from the Java API? All I can find is the set of Scala case classes (e.g.

Asked by 1 day ago
Hello TomEE User Community, At the moment I have a little problem with the TomEE Dropin for Tomcat (nightly build: tomee-plus-webapp-1.7.0-20140709.113339-49.war). The Situation: * I've written a REST service (JAX-RS/EJB/JPA).

Asked by 1 day ago
Hey there, We current run a spring-batch+spring-integration solution to do batch processing in large scale through remote-chunking technique which makes communication using.
All 2 answers, by Akka Team, Diego Magalhães

Asked by 1 day ago
Good morning folks! we are getting closer and closer to our 1.0.0 release! Thank you very much, guys! However, before we are moving towards the 1.0.0.Final community release, I'd.

Asked by 1 day ago
While taking a look at a change to the start up scripts I'm reminded on what a PITA it is to get consistent behavior across platforms. There are 4 scripts, not including daemon style scripts, to launch WildFly.