Steam Streaming service on beaglebone black

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So, i have heard of the Raspberry pi being able to use limelight to stream steam games to a tv. Is there anyway of achieving this on he beaglebone black? from what i understand, the limelight is a type of operating system. Also, would it be able to recognize an Xbox360 controller and be able to send that back to the pc its running on (this is why VNC might have issues) Help would be much appreciated

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Answer by 3 months ago
From: medaganda fearallofunknown [ at ] Reply-To: beagleboard [ at ] Date: Monday, April 28, 2014 at 1:00 PM To: beagleboard [ at ] Subject: [beagleboard] Steam Streaming service on beaglebone black Looks like Limelight is just a java client, so it should work just fine on BBB. -a-pi/ Regards, John