Status of BeagleBone Black UARTs

Asked by 3 months ago
I found an email thread from last year discussing enabling the BBB's additional UARTs: Has there been any update on this? Do I still need to use Ian [Young]'s patch? I do see in the bboneblk.dts that all 5 uarts are listed, however dmesg only mentions uart0 and I don't see any additional tty devices in /dev. Thanks! -W

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Answer by 3 months ago
You need to enable other UARTs, they have status = "disabled" in FDT. dtc is included in base, in case you want to do it directly in BBB.
Answer by 3 months ago
The kernel is ready to go with the uarts, you just need to adjust the fdt data. Change the status="disabled" to status="okay" for whichever ones you want to enable, and adjust the pad control settings so that devices are connected to the right pins. -- Ian