Running Xcos on Beaglebone Black

Asked by 2 months ago
Hello, I'm trying to execute Xcos on a Beaglebone Black (ARM based embedded computer) and it is not working. I posted an issue on the Bugzilla website: Does anybody faced similar problem? How should I solve this? Best regards, Flavio flavio.alves [ at ] Twitter:!/fraviofii LinkedIn profile:

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Answer by 2 months ago
Hello Flavio, I don't know the current status of the Debian ARM JVM but last time I checked to used Scilab on Fedora ARM the JVM crashed on some JNI functions. Are you able to call others Java implemented functions ? Does JIMS work ? Le lundi 02 juin 2014 à 09:38 -0300, Flavio Castro Alves Filho a écrit :
Answer by 2 weeks ago
Hello Clement, Sorry for the long response. I checked out and that's the main issue. The open Java VM is not complete. Is it possible to use Scilabs/Xcos using Oracle's Java VM? If it is possible, how should I proceed? For now, I'm using debian packages. Should I build from sources? Thank you very much. Best regards, Flavio 2014-06-03 6:06 GMT-03:00 Clément David clement.david [ at ]