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Hello, i am setting up gentoo a Raspberry (B) following the gentoo wiki [1], first i prepare the SD-Card. The wiki links to the instructions over at embedded linux wiki [2]. I wonder about the disk layout. Q1: Do i need a swap partition, and if yes is 512m ok? The gentoo wiki creates one, the elinux wiki not. Q2: Also the Raspberry is likely to be powered down without warning. To my belief jounarled filesystems can handle this. I plan to use JFS since it works well on my desktop as well. Is there something I could have in mind? Q3: The gentoo wiki briefly mentions to use squashfs for /usr/portage. What will be the benefits of this? [1] http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi [2] http://elinux.org/RPi_Advanced_Setup frukto

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Hello, well i have set my Raspberry (B) with ArchLinuxArm. I decided againts gentoo, because of the long compilling time (for example git takes a long time). Maybe i try gentoo on my second sd card... A1: I have set an extra swap partition. I followed this guide for resizing my main partition (i have a 16 GB sd card class 10) and setting the wap partition (or rather swap file?): Raspberry Pi – Partition an größere Sd-Karte anpassen [1] It is in german, but i think that if you are using gentoo, you should be able to follow just the commands, knowing what they do. I am not sure, how much swap you need, because you maybe need space for compilation of programs. Because of this fact i would encourage you to set a swap. How much swap you need/can give depends on the sd card. (I wouldnt't make 1GB swap on a 4GB card). I look forward to hearing more of you, because there are not that many people, talking about gentoo on raspberry (or rather i didn't found many). Can't answer A2, and A3, not enough knowledge. hrom [1] Setup Partitions on Raspberry Pi<http://sparky0815.de/2012/05/raspberry-pi-partition-an-grosere-sd-karte-anpassen/>
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using 256M - doesnt use it much but it currently just plays videos on framebuffer. Be careful using ext file systems and stock 4G cards - runs out of inodes on large compiles. I installed from a gentoo image off the net and rebuilt it. When I get time I'll do my own from scratch but its working ... BillK